Welcome to 4:8 Home Services, Inc.

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We handle those home maintenance items that never seem to make it to the top of your list -- helping you with those little fixes before they become major repairs. We help maintain your home so you have more time to enjoy it.

Our service team visits your home on a monthly basis to take care of important home maintenance tasks so you don't have to.

Completing maintenance tasks regularly reduces the potential of experiencing major, costly problems.

Founder, Laura Stiverson






"We keep your home well-maintained without you having to sacrifice your free time."


1. Why should I care about regular home maintenance?

Did you know that it is recommended to expect to spend anywhere from 1-4% of your home’s value on maintenance each year?  Completing routine home maintenance tasks regularly helps to keep your home running in a safe and efficient manner and saves you money over the long term by reducing the likelihood of having to spend money on major repairs.  Of course, failures can occur no matter how well you care for something, but by investing a little bit on a regular basis, you can reduce the average cost of home maintenance over time.  

2. What’s included in the service?

  • A technician will visit your home on a monthly basis to complete home maintenance tasks.
  • Small repairs (30 minutes and less) are included in the service.
  • Maintenance records to be stored in a HomeZada account.
  • Coordination of quotes from other contractors for larger repairs.

3. Does 4:8 Home Services complete major repairs?

No.  However, we can coordinate with appropriate contractors to provide you with quotes for larger repairs.  You will then hire the contractor that you choose directly. 

4. Do I have to be home during the service visit?

No.  You may give us permission to access your home while you’re away if you prefer.